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Why Golf And Wine Tours?

Enjoying a weekend away to play some extraordinary Golf course is always a huge pleasure for any golf enthusiast. But where to go and how to get on on those amazing courses? How would you even know if the courses will end up being worth it?

One way to guarantee success is to rely on on Golf Breaks specialists who will advise an itinerary and book the best courses for you.

Golf & Wine Tours is such a specialist however we combine our passion for Golf with our love for Wine and aim to combine your 2 favorite hobbies: play the best golf courses and discover the best Wines! We are in charge of the complete experience instead of just booking tee times....

Our mission is to create curated Golf Breaks which include time to discover, learn and taste some incredible Wines!

And because good wines go hand in hand with good food, of course we will also enjoy some great meals. In fact the Tours are designed in such a way that even non-golfers can join and enjoy a Spa session, a museum visit or some shopping visit while others are on the golf course.

Our expertise lies in the combination of the best places to stay, to eat, to drink and to golf. Because of how exclusive most of the places are, we have to set the dates and book them firm far in advance.

Each Tour is designed for a very limited number of participants (min. 6 max. 12)

In order to provide maximum pleasure for our guest, each Tour is hosted by our expert who designed the Tour. The multilingual Host will ensure everything runs smoothly and participate in all activities with you, acting as the gel between each of our guests but also providing guidance and knowledge about the area, the wines, the restaurants and the courses played...

It goes without saying that in the cases where you wish to book a Golf And Wine Tour for your own private group, we offer our services to create, design and book a Tour exclusively for your own use - and you can choose if you wish to have a Host or not.

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